Diamond State Door




We take great strides to see that your doors are ADA plus fire compliant, checking seals & gaps, checking the opening force, door and wall rating.

We service all of the following types of hollow metal door & frames:

  • Single Swing
  • Simultaneous Pair
  • Double Egress
  • Specialty Doors
  • Total Doors

Diamond State Door supplies and installs a full line of custom or standard hollow metal doors plus frames for new or additionally retrofit construction projects in the commercial, educational, healthcare, hospitality and retail markets.

Hollow Metal Door Repair & Installation

The trained service technicians here at Diamond State Door are ready to meet your needs by installing expertly crafted hollow metal and steel entry doors. We’re available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to fix or replace metal doors for commercial, residential and industrial clients throughout the Delaware Valley.

Hollow metal and steel doors are popular because they’re:

  • Durable to save you money on future repairs
  • Resistant to heat to create a safe work environment
  • Meet fire, FEMA and STC requirements
  • Provide added security where needed
  • Long lasting and easy to maintain

Hollow metal doors are perfect for school entrances, warehouses, buildings for manufacturers, emergency exits, courtrooms, office buildings, apartments, military installations, airports, and hotels.

Why choose Diamond State Door for your Metal Door needs?
The answer is simple: experience. The management team of our family-owned and operated company has been fixing and installing doors for over FIFTEEN years. This means that you will enjoy the benefits that come with service from a knowledgeable and seasoned business.

Our trained service technicians are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to solve your door problems. We use expert-crafted products, and install them with your safety in mind. But that’s not all.